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Spectraforce reduces its turnaround time by 25% with iMocha

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  • Higher turnaround time
  • Lack of expertise to accurately evaluate technical skills
  • Reduce hiring timeline for clients
  • Latest technology assessments
  • Remote assessments with proctoring
  • Prompt and accurate candidate reports

About Spectraforce

Spectraforce is a leading global services firm that provides a portfolio of consulting, staffing and outsourcing services and solutions. Spectraforce has its headquarters in Raleigh, NC, USA and has offshore global delivery centers in Pune, Chandigarh, and Hyderabad, India. Spectraforce specializes in two core areas. Providing staffing solutions for leading companies in diverse fields such as Scientific, Clinical Research, Engineering, and Financial Services to Information Technology and IT services like outsourced Program Management Office, technology standardization services and Offshore Development Center services.


The crux of a good staffing solution company lies in being able to provide its clients with quality candidates within the shortest possible span of time. Spectraforce has a diverse client base ranging from IT giants, Fortune 500 companies, tech-savvy small and midsize businesses as well. Before using iMocha, major challenges that Spectraforce faced were as below:

Higher turnaround time:

Turnaround time for Spectraforce was minimum of 4 hours. Technical recruitment is a crucial process where the recruiters need to have a thorough understanding of the kind of skills and knowledge the candidate should possess. Spectaforce recruiters depended on their technical resources to evaluate candidates accurately. Taking into consideration the coordination of candidates and technical resources, the entire process took 4 hours. In an extremely competitive industry, this was a pivotal element.

Lack of expertise to accurately evaluate technical skills:

Majority of the job profiles required candidates to be proficient in various technologies like Java, Angular JS, .Net and more. Spectraforce recruiters did not have the technical expertise to assess the candidate’s skill accurately and hence depended on their technical resources. This created a bottle-neck as coordinating the availability of technical experts required time.

Reduction in hiring timeline for clients:

Clients always measure the efficacy of a staffing company through the quality of the candidates provided. Clients always expect to reduce their time to fill by only interviewing relevant candidates who have been top-lined by the staffing company after initial level filtration. Spectraforce wanted to better the interview to offer ratio of their clients by shortlisting quality candidates, thus saving clients’ hours of hiring time.

Resume screening:

Spectraforce faced the daunting task of quantifying the skills and knowledge of the candidates through their resumes. This however added to the turnaround time as every applicant needed to be interviewed individually to assess their skills.


Eliminating bottle-neck:

iMocha’s extensive skill library comprised of the latest technology assessments like Data Science, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality and so on. Spectraforce recruiters could easily send relevant assessments to candidates, thus eliminating the need for a technical resource to step in.

Leveraging the power of data:

Candidate assessment reports gave a data-driven approach to Spectaforce. Recruiters could now assess the knowledge and skill of the candidate vis-a-vis their resume. Reports also empowered the recruiters to list out quality candidates from lesser known backgrounds as well.

Remote assessments with proctoring:

Spectraforce could conduct remote assessments without the hassle of invigilation. Image proctoring ensured that candidate’s images were captured while attempting the assessment which could later be viewed in reports. This ensured that Spectraforce was aware which candidates have attempted the assessments without resorting to any cheating measures.

Ease and convenience of candidates:

Staffing is a candidate driven sector and candidate experience is a prominent element. The assessments could be attempted by the candidates at their convenient time and place. This meant that more candidates were likely to appear for the assessments as it did not require them to travel anyplace.

Success with iMocha

25% Faster turnaround time:

With the elimination of dependency on technical resources, Spectraforce now reverted to clients within 3 hours of receiving the job description. The shortlisted profiles were accompanied by in-depth assessment reports. This, in turn, allowed their clients to take data-driven and informed decisions.

Improved recruiting efficiency:

Spectraforce enhanced its recruiting efficiency with quality assessments, shortened turnaround time, and accurate skill assessment of candidates.

Edge over competitors:

Staffing companies always need to strike the perfect balance between prospective candidates as well as their clients. iMocha provided a technological impetus that propelled Spectraforce ahead of its competitors.

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