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ServAid now hires 15 job fit candidates per month for their clients

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Switch from offline to online assessments


Faster turnaround time


Increase in ratio for qualified candidates


Job fit candidates hired every month




11 - 50



  • Higher turnaround time
  • Operational hassles in offline assessment
  • Dependency on external consultants for test creation
  • Pre- built skills library
  • Skill wise report generation
  • Remote proctoring with anti-cheating measures
  • Comprehensive candidate report shareable with clients

About ServAid

ServAid Consultancy and Business Services is an HR and Management advisory services organization specializing in Leadership and Top team development, Executive, Mid-career and Graduate recruitment, Psychometric testing, Learning management, Talent Branding and Technical HR advisory services. It aims to be the number one company in the field of HR and Management consultancy services in Africa.

“Over the years, our hiring process has involved the use of manual assessment where lots of work hours were utilized especially the construction of aptitude tests. Our story, however, changed after meeting iMocha. With iMocha, our recruitment has shifted completely to an online process where human intervention is negligible. They have such a huge skill library, we just select the assessment, invite candidates. Their performance analytics on the candidates has helped us identify the quality candidates. This along with the fast response time has sped up our hiring time and now we hire an average of 15 candidates every month for our clients. ”

Jonathan Tetteh,
Sr. Associate Consultant, ServAid Consultancy

The Challenge: Higher turnaround time and operational hassles

ServAid used to conduct assessments in a traditional pen and paper set up. In doing so they faced numerous operational hassles. Firstly, all assessments were needed to be designed by an external consultant. Secondly, they had to book a hall to conduct the examination. Lastly, the team had to then manually evaluate the candidates. Besides this there was also an operational cost involved in coordinating with the candidates and getting them to appear for the assessment.

All this increased the turnaround time for the clients and majority of the time, the clients ended up wasting time on unqualified candidates during interviews.

The Solution: Automated assessment solution

After evaluating multiple options, ServAid found iMocha to be the most viable partner. iMocha has a comprehensive skills library, which provided assessments for a variety of non IT job roles. With iMocha, ServAid created their own assessments, eliminating the dependency on external consultants. All the assessments could be conducted online which meant that the logistical issues like booking a hall, arranging assessment material etc. were wiped out. Moreover, they presented a data oriented report to their clients, who in turn spent time only on relevant candidates.

The Result: 15 job fit hires every month

ServAid have streamlined their recruitment process to provide their clients with quality talent pipeline to select from. Their operational costs have also reduced as there is zero dependency on external consultants. ServAid has been hiring 15 candidates every month for their clients using iMocha’s automated assessments.

So far they have hired for the following roles:

  • Entry level role Test
  • Recovery Officer Aptittude Test
  • Finance Officer Test
  • Tests for Intern
  • Sales Aptitude Test
  • Sales Team Leader Test
  • Management Trainee
  • Client Service Test
  • Team Leader Test
  • Internal Auditor Test Dalex
  • HR Manager Test Dalex
  • Sales Team Leader
  • Business Analyst
  • Intern Test
  • Accountant Test
  • Product Manager Test
  • Emotional Intelligence Test
  • Telesales Test
  • Loan Officer
  • Investment and Business Development Officer Test
  • Executive Assistance Test
  • Cashier Apttitude Test

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