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How SDLC Partners, L.P. balanced their decision-making process and hired 100% of the interviewed candidates

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  • Difficulty in testifying potential in junior level candidates
  • Time consuming vetting-out process
  • Multiple interview cycles, to arrive at job fit candidates
  • Biases in hiring decisions
  • Developer Skill Assessment
  • Customizable time limit settings
  • Pre-set tests for variegated skill sets
  • Unbiased metrics in test reports
“Overall, we are very happy. It’s been really helpful and successful. Features to iMocha have been really easy to use and we’re appreciative for the partnership”

Samantha Bussard, Talent Acquisition Architect, SDLC Partners, L.P.

About SDLC Partners, L.P.

SDLC Partners, L.P. is an American consulting company headquartered at Pittsburg, PA. They essentially deal with Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services for businesses and IT industry. Since, 2004, SDLC Partners, L.P. has been thriving to provide high-quality execution services to its clients, so as to realize realistic business values along with tangible customer outcomes. They aim to align the right people, processes, and technologies for specific needs of their clients.

The Challenge

Running candidates through relevant assessments is one thing, while pitching their potential to clients is another. SDLC Partners, L.P. was struggling in both these areas in order to shortlist job-ready Junior Java Developers. Creating apt assessments that not only capture the right fit, while also eliminating biases in selection procedures that follow, seemed rather bothersome.

Difficulty in testifying potential in junior level candidates

After scooping out potential candidates, based on former assessments, SDLC Partners, L.P. felt short of reliable data and insights to support why they had selected certain candidates. Data which could mirror true potential of shortlisted candidates was a much-needed testament.

Time consuming vetting-out process

In addition to the process of creating suitable assessments, time was involuntarily being expended in filtering candidates through each selection round.

Multiple interview cycles, to arrive at job fit candidates

In order to be able to lock their confidence on a candidate, SDLC Partners, L.P. was having to run assessed candidates through multiple interview rounds.

The Solution

In their search for skilled Junior Java Developers, SDLC Partners, L.P. maneuvered their decisions based on following solutions provided by iMocha:

Developer Skill Assessment

iMocha’s developer test meant a big sigh of relief for SDLC Partners, L.P. since their recruitment team did not already possess such assets.

Customizable time limit settings

Executing tests with desired time limits was made possible with iMocha’s offering of customizing tests to such micro details. Assessments could be rolled out with intended level of difficulty not just in level of questions but also the time allotted to those questions. This helped SDLC Partners, L.P. capture exactly the grade of competency that they were looking for. Such customization was executed easily given iMocha’s high user-friendliness.

Pre-set tests for variegated skill sets

iMocha's pre-set tests enveloping a variety of skills stood out for SDLC Partners, L.P. These tests enabled them to screen candidates across multiple skills without having to assign a different test for every skill. Consequently, the process of sending out tests became very convenient. The Full Stack Developer test proved to be a particular favorite because of its ability to reflect the overall potential of a candidate as a developer.

Unbiased metrics in test reports

No matter where a candidate came from, SDLC Partners, L.P. could rely on his or her job readiness based on unbiased metrics presented in iMocha generated test reports. These metrics provided important insights to the interview panel as well and eventually saved the time which their developer team expended on interviewing.

The Result

100% of the interviewed candidates were extended the offer letter. SDLC Partners, L.P. saved time equivalent to that of 20 interviews. Instilling confidence across all stakeholders involved in the hiring process was a major advantage iMocha was able to create for SDLC Partners, L.P. Moreover, developers who took the assessment also indicated positive feedback. SDLC Partners, L.P. made well informed and balanced hiring decisions.

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