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How Qapitol QA saved 80% of their time in recruiting Software Testing professionals

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Tests completed to appeared


No. of job roles for which assessments created


Information Technology & Services


201-500 employees



  • Inviting candidates in bulk
  • Time-consuming interview process
  • Pre-assessment sample tests
  • Customized tests

About Qapitol QA

Founded in 2015, Qapitol QA Testing Services is a new age Quality Engineering company specializing in Digital Transformation Testing. Their services encompass all customer touch points including Mobile Apps, POS Applications, Web Portals, Marketing Applications, Customer Support Applications, Payments, Supply Chain Eco-system, and Big Data / Data Pipelines. They display a rich experience of delivering immense value to illustrious clients such as several unicorns, enterprises and startups across eCommerce, Retail, Banking and Payments domains.

The Goal

To schedule a first round of screening and get the best insights in order to laterally hire over 30+ candidates skilled in Software Testing roles.

The Challenges

iMocha's platform was able to amalgamate the knowledge of target industry experts with the demand of next gen skills, to create best-in-class content in assessments.

  • Inviting candidates in bulk to come and take their assessments was a major hindrance to Qapitol QA’s objective of identifying skill-fit candidates.
  • Time-consuming interview process was the bottleneck for Qapitol QA. A lot of time was expended in interviewing candidates who were not skill fit. This also implied low returns on the efforts put in by panelists.

The Solution

iMocha's test platform was well utilized to assemble assessments with accurate questions. Only those candidates who were truly skilled Software Testing professionals were shortlisted at the first round itself.

  • Pre-assessment sample tests allowed candidates to run through the look and feel of test platform before the nal day of assessment. This ensured better preparation, both mental as well as technical, for candidates. They were able to prepare their systems and devices ahead of time to avoid any technical failures during the remote assessment. Qapitol QA recorded an excellent proportion of tests successfully completed.
  • Customized tests allowed Qapitol QA to add questions as per their requirements. They were able to create job-targeted tests containing questions of their own along with those from iMocha’s question bank.

The Result

Qapitol QA was able to achieve an exceptionally reliable first round of screening.

  • They saved 80% of the time otherwise expended in such recruitment drives.
  • Pre-assessment Sample Tests prepared candidates well in advance, enabling 93% test completion.
  • iMocha helped Qapitol QA align interviews quickly as they were left to interview only quality candidates. There was an increase of 50% in selection to interview ratio.
  • Inviting numerous candidates was achieved smoothly by using the easy invite options integrated with iMocha’s app platform.
  • Customized questions enabled Qapitol QA to align their assessments to specific skill requirements very accurately.

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