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Nice saved 65% interview time with the iMocha solution

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  • Hiring Managers spending a lot of their time on interviewing irrelevant candidates
  • Manual evaluation process
  • Proctoring mechanism
  • Insightful analytics
  • Comparative skill wise reports
  • Flexibility to create tests using multiple skills

About Nice Actimize

NICE Actimize is the largest and broadest provider of financial crime, risk and compliance solutions for regional and global financial institutions, as well as government regulators. Consistently ranked as number one in the space, NICE Actimize experts apply innovative technology to protect institutions and safeguard consumers and investors assets by identifying financial crime, preventing fraud and providing regulatory compliance.

The Challenge

Nice Actimize were looking to hire quality software engineers to add to its expanding team. One of the core challenges that Nice faced was an accurate skill evaluation of prospective employees. Nice handles high complexity projects simultaneously for multiple product lines and being a client centric organization, their priority is meeting the project deadlines. Hiring/Project Managers are high paid employees and involving them in the hiring process takes out a large chunk of their billable hours.

One of the major impacts of this recruiting process was that Hiring/Project Managers spent a lot of their productive time interviewing candidates instead of overseeing their client projects. There was no skill assessment in place that would steer them to the right candidates. Besides this, there were some candidates who were reluctant to travel to their office for an interview.

The Solution

Nice Actimize realized that their Hiring Managers were spending their productive time with irrelevant candidates. The Hiring team brainstormed on reinventing their hiring process to create a quality candidate pipeline. The first step they took was partnering with iMocha for an automated assessment experience. Their team collaborated with iMocha to create the best assessments for the various job roles. These assessments created with inputs from their Hiring Managers, had a good question to time ratio, and evaluated the necessary skills

The Result with iMocha

For the position of Software Engineers, Nice Actimize wanted candidates who could also excel in dealing upfront with the customers. Therefore they needed candidates who had great analytical and listening skills as well. iMocha’s tests allowed them to evaluate candidates for these parameters and shortlist the best. The team also observed that the candidates who scored well on the tests, performed well at the interviews as well. Now, they could create the right candidate pipeline and reduce the burden on their Hiring Managers as well.

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