How India’s largest mobility platform Enterprise reduced their rejection ratio by 80% using automated assessments

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No. of different assessments created







  • Lack of data-oriented skills quantification
  • Manual assessments were time-intensive
  • Comprehensive and Large Coding skills library
  • AI based Proctoring
  • Skill-wise Test Report

About The Company

Being India’s largest mobility platform, this enterprise serves 250+ cities across India, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. They oer mobility solutions by connecting customers to drivers and a wide range of vehicles including bikes, auto-rickshaws, metered taxis, and cabs, enabling convenience and transparency for hundreds of millions of consumers and over 1.5 million driver-partners. Leveraging electric-vehicles as the core mobility means along with various other vehicle options, they are looking to build mobility for the next billion Indians.


The Talent Acquisition team was responsible for recruitment requirements across four different business units concerning mobility including electric vehicles, financial services, and cloud kitchen. All four businesses were looking to hire for multiple technical roles, demanding a large library of skills. Before using iMocha, the client had a manual recruitment process where in-person assessments and interviews played a significant role. This was time-intensive and did not provide an accurate evaluation of the candidate's knowledge and coding abilities

The Solution

Having perused through various assessment platforms in the market, the company decided on iMocha.

  • They were impressed with the extensive coding skills library and a web-based coding platform powered by the Monaco editor.
  • iMocha’s Customer Success team remained consistently helpful in creating assessments aligned to job descriptions across varied experience levels.

Over 3,000+ candidates were invited to appear for the assessments. The team managed to shortlist 226 top performers for various roles.

The Result

After using iMocha

  • The company hired 41 top candidates.
  • They reduced their hiring time by 20%. Automated coding assessments optimized the company’s recruitment process and helped in identifying the best talent efficiently and accurately.
  • The quality of candidates reaching the interview round improved drastically which reduced the rejection ratio by 80%.

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