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How Hexaware upskilled employees for a 40% spike in productivity

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  • Course-specific assessments
  • Time bound delivery
  • Anti-cheating measures
  • 5 tests delivered in 5 weeks, with 1 test being delivered each week
  • Time saved
  • Image & Video proctoring

The Company

Hexavarsity is Hexaware’s solution for creating an empowered and multi-skilled workforce by enabling an experiential learning and growth environment for employees. Keen to introduce an employee-centric approach to learning and development, Tanuja and her team tied up with leading virtual educational portals to provide the necessary infrastructure to their consultants with Udemy – the online learning & teaching marketplace with 100,000 courses being one among the learning partners.

How Hexaware upskilled employees for a 40% spike in productivity

Keeping up with the pace of technological advancements is crucial for any organization aiming to thrive in today’s highly competitive environment. And, ensuring the workforce is well-equipped for this rapidly evolving scenario is a thought enough to keep CHROs up at night. Hexaware, the leading global IT Consulting firm on a mission to transform how IT services are delivered, was facing a similar issue. Corporate HR at Hexaware, Tanuja Pereira, anticipated the changes in the world of work and envisioned an articulate people strategy that emphasized on ‘build and develop’.

The Challenge

The general process for the upskilling involved identifying a learning course for the employees and providing the requisite training via the learning platform. The L&D team was looking to upskill employees across 5 job roles with defined competencies. With the numerous courses readily available in Udemy, the team was still challenged with gauging the effectiveness of the courses considering the lack of expertise in-house for immediate in-person assessments as well as time constraints for one-on-one assessments. While an assessment platform would seem like a handy solution, the team found that assessments for their job roles did not match the course content.

With assessments covering only the generic subject matter of the defined job roles, the Hexaware team was of the opinion that the upskilling would have a negative impact if after course completion, employees were to attempt a generic test. `It could affect employee morale and also skew the ROI of the upskilling exercise since test performance alone could not be the ideal indicator as the assessments itself weren’t mapped to the courses.

To avoid this, the Hexaware team knew they needed an assessment partner with content mapped specifically to the listed courses which required studying 70-80 hours of the course material and then creating unique assessments specific to that content. And, these tests needed to be created fast!

The Solution

Having worked with iMocha for their lateral hiring needs since 2016, the team was already familiar with the platform and the teams capabilities, especially their fastest response to custom test creation. The iMocha team started out with a competency dictionary for each of the job roles, identifying functional and behavioral competencies for each of the job roles, listing out suggested courses within Udemy and going through all 70-80 hours of course material. The team was especially eager to learn about iMocha’s image and video proctoring capabilities that capture images and videos (at regular intervals) of the employees during the course of the test, a cheating prevention mechanism to ensure the test taker doesn’t involve in any unfair practices or outsource the test completion to a different expert!

The Result

Almost 70-80 hours of course content mapped to create specific assessments for maximum effectiveness. The iMocha team successfully delivered the assessments with 80 questions created within a short span of 5 weeks wherein 1 test was consistently delivered every week. This ensured the team can conduct the training as per the desired schedule without any delays on the assessments front. Till date, more than 550 tests have been created with a total of 55,000 assessments that have been completed on the platform with 36,000 of those being successfully completed as per the parameters set by the Hexaware team.

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