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Hays used iMocha assessments to take data-driven decisions and eliminate bad hires

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  • Lack of internal resources to accurately evaluate for financial and accounting skills
  • Bad hires
  • Proctoring mechanism
  • Insightful analytics
  • Comparative skill wise reports

About Hays

Hays is a leading global professional recruiting group, the expert at recruiting qualified, professional and skilled people worldwide, being the market leader in the UK and Asia Pacific and one of the market leaders in Continental Europe and Latin America. Hays operates across the private and public sectors, dealing in permanent positions, contract roles, and temporary assignments.

“iMocha helped us in making data-driven hiring decisions. We filtered and submitted the best candidate profiles to our clients and helped them get the job fit candidates ”

Rosie White,
Senior Recruitment Consultant, Hays

The Challenges

Hays has been the pioneer in recruiting top- notch candidates for their clients. Over the years recruitment scenario has changed drastically, traditional methods like telephone interviews, in- person interviews, and pen-paper tests are not considered as apt methods for candidates. In a data-driven world, data points and trends are of the prime importance to evaluate skills. Recently, Hays had to procure Accounting candidates for one of its client. The job role demanded proficient financial and accounting skills. One of the major challenges the team faced was the lack of an internal expertise to evaluate candidates on their financial knowledge. The recruiting team did not want to rely on gut feeling or put their faith in the elaborate resumes of candidates. What they needed was quantification of the candidates’ financial knowledge and their ability to apply that knowledge. In the past, Hays had encountered a few incidents where the candidate looked solid on paper, performed well at interviews, and even got hired by their clients, however, the real trouble started when their work output did not match the prowess exhibited at the interview stages. These were considered as bad hires which eventually affected the clients of Hays who had employed them. Hays wanted to shift to a data-driven recruitment process where skills would be thoroughly evaluated and any selection or rejection substantiated by adequate data.

The Solution

Hays created Financial Accounting Test with the help of iMocha’s success team. This test was designed to assess in-depth knowledge and provide an accurate picture of the skill competency. This helped the team to effectively filter candidates and submit the best profiles to their client. Each of their submissions was backed by insightful candidate reports that further helped their client to prioritize the candidates for interviews.

The Result with iMocha

Hays assessed close to 68 candidates for financial accounting role, out of which 30 of the best performers were interviewed by Hays and further by their clients. Their clients selected 20 job fit candidates and are extremely happy with their work performance.

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