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Everest Clinical Research leverages iMocha to hire health care professionals

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  • Traditional methods of assessment
  • Lengthy recruitment process
  • Assessment & interview logistics
  • Addition of own questions
  • Secure remote assessments
  • In-depth reports

The Company

Everest Clinical Research ("Everest"​) is a full-service contract research organization (CRO) providing a broad range of expertise-based clinical research services to worldwide pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries. They serve some of the best-known companies and work with many of the most advanced drugs, biologics, and medical devices in development today.

“With iMocha, we have eliminated the logistics of on-site hiring, saving us a lot of time and costs as well. Our hiring managers focus on interviewing only the relevant candidates, thanks to the in-depth reports.”

Paul Burmenko,
Director of Statistical Programming

The Challenge

ECRS used traditional methods for hiring. Potential candidates were called into their office to appear for a pen-paper assessment. This was time-consuming and required a sizable team to oversee the entire process. These assessments required space, time, and money to be conducted.

Since the evaluation was manual, the candidates ended up being in the workspace for almost the entire day. Sometimes this created a bad experience for the candidates.

The Solution

ECRS looked for an automated solution that will help them ease out the recruitment process and effectively filter out unqualified candidates before the interview round. They were also searching for an assessment platform that let them add their own questions.

ECRS partnered with iMocha to create tests using their own questions.This helped them create tests with skills that matched the job profile.

The tests were remotely proctored; this meant candidates could appear for the test from the comfort of their homes. With advanced proctoring techniques the integrity of the tests was maintained.

The in-depth skills-wise report made it easier for the recruiters to vet out unqualified candidates and schedule interviews with only relevant candidates.

The Result

ECRS has successfully evaluated more than 150 candidates for various job roles. Their time to hire has reduced along with the cost of recruitment logistics.

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