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Digite eliminated logistical hassles & improved quality of campus hires

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Campus A


Candidates assessed

Skills: SQL

Campus B


Candidate assessed

Skills: Data Science, AIML

Campus C


Candidates assessed

Skills: Coding and Aptitude

Campus D


Candidates assessed

Skills: Data science


Information Technology and Services




USA, India

  • Campus hiring logistics
  • Limited knowledge on the relevant skills to assess
  • Large teams needed for campus hiring
  • Time constraints
  • Comprehensive ready to use skills library
  • Advanced proctoring
  • Skill-wise reports
  • Secured multiple invitation links for a single test

The Company

Digité (integrated Project Management Company) is a leading provider of collaborative enterprise software and solutions for Lean/ Agile Application Lifecycle Management and Visual Project Management. Digité’s solutions are targeted towards technology organizations – such as Corporate IT, ISVs, IT services/Outsourcing and IT-Consulting companies, as well as general business functions like Marketing, Recruitment, HR, Procurement, Legal and many others.

“We are looking at Millennials- they use technology extensively. We did not want to fall behind in the talent race only due to tedious hiring processes. iMocha helped us conduct Campus Recruitment with ease. We successfully conducted 5+ campus drives this year and have hired top talent.”

Shraddha Patil,
Head- Human Resources at Digite Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

The Challenge

Hiring top talent right out of a University or College has become fiercely competitive. In this age of speed, top talents tend to prefer companies that have an intriguing pre-placement talk and shorter hiring process. Digite wanted to tap the best talents through campus recruitment but were facing certain challenges. Their recruitment team had limited knowledge on the pertinent skills to assess. In Campus Hiring, all the candidates have similar skill sets and more or less have worked on the same projects. It is thus important to have knowledge of the relevant skills to assess to filter top talent.

Another challenge faced by the team was that of handling the logistics for campus hiring. Co-ordination with campus in charge, taking stock of the existing facilities, and prior visits to the campus, take up a lot of time. For prior campus recruitment, Digite required a large team to oversee the entire program.

Besides these, all campuses expect the visiting companies to shortlist, interview and extend offer letters in a single day. Digite realized that to harness the best talent they needed to be on top of their recruitment game.

The Solution

iMocha’s solution helped Digite widen their candidate pool, extend their reach, and shortlist candidates faster. They worked with iMocha’s customer success managers to create assessments with the relevant skills. The assessment links were shared with the candidates. Since this was a completely online solution, the need to physically visit the campuses to set up the logistics was eliminated. Advanced proctoring mechanisms ensured that there was no cheating and the tests were taken in a fair manner. iMocha’s platform was able to seamlessly handle the huge volume of candidates appearing for the tests simultaneously.

Using iMocha helped Digite to utilize their recruitment team optimally. They no longer required to deploy a large team to conduct campus hiring. The candidates appeared for the assessment and the results were generated instantly. This helped the team shortlist suitable candidates and connect them to the hiring managers for further interviews.

The Result

  • Digite has successfully conducted 5+ campus drives at top universities and colleges across India
  • More than 700 candidates assessed
  • 200+ candidates assessed and shortlisted on the same day

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