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DFDS embraced digital transformation to build a new age team

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Tests Created IOS & Android Development


Only qualified candidates interviewed


Reduced time to hire







  • Slow time to hire
  • Outdated hiring methods
  • Finding candidates with the right skill sets
  • Comprehensive coding skills library
  • Remote proctoring
  • Skill wise section reports

The Company

DFDS provides shipping and transport services in Europe, generating annual revenues of EUR 1.9bn. Over 8,000 freight customers rely on their ferry & port terminal services and flexible transport & logistics solutions.

“I used to spend 40 minutes interviewing each candidate. Since we were investing so much into technology, it made sense to imbibe it in recruiting as well. iMocha helped us create a more focused candidate pipeline and interview only the relevant candidates.”

Volkan Bicer,
Lead Developer

The Challenge

DFDS was a 150 year traditional shipping company. While they have embraced modern business skills, it was during the better part of 2018 that they aggressively looked to imbibe technology to create a digital business model. DFDS were experimenting with Cloud First initiative which aimed to have a server less infrastructure. With this they needed a team that was passionate and possessed the right skills.

Over the years, DFDS were heavily invested in recruiting through traditional ways. Shortlisting resumes, interviewing candidates was the norm but it did not give them the desired results. It was a time-consuming process. Volkan Bicer, their lead developer and hiring manager, used to spend 40 minutes per candidate.

The Solution

DFDS partnered with iMocha to assess the candidate's skills. They were looking at developing their Mobile App, and needed candidates proficient in IOS and Android technologies. With iMocha’s customer success manager, DFDS created the tests and invited candidates to appear for the test.

Based on the test reports, only those candidates who demonstrated a good understanding and application of the required skills were shortlisted for interviews. Volkan now did not have to spend 40 minutes interviewing each candidate, rather he spent time only on relevant candidates.

The Result

DFDS shortlisted and invested time only on relevant candidates.

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