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Contact Point 360, reduced training time from 3 weeks to 1 week for iMocha assessed BPO recruits

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Hours per candidate saved in decision making


candidates hired globally, per month

2 weeks

saved in training time


Drop in Attrition Rate


Customer Service


3000+ Associates


Across North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia

  • Interview vs Resume Dilemma
  • Quantifying Experience and Skills
  • High Turn Around Time

About The Company

CP360 is a BPO organization operating across 10 locations worldwide. For more than 80 years, they have been ensuring seamless customer experience across healthcare, energy, automotive, tourism, government, insurance, retail, and technology industries. They leverage the skills of their BPM and CX management professionals who believe in inspecting the entire breadth of customer problems and deploy independently developed technical software to streamline solutions.

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“We really like how AI-EnglishPro gave us insights around a candidates level of English. The ability that iMocha has to tie all data together and provide meaningful insights was really what we liked in particular with iMocha’s AI English Pro.”

Daniel Cheung, Vice President of Global Client Services,
Contact Point 360


To adopt an objective approach to talent analytics while hiring for multinational BPO teams and ensure alignment between skills and job profile.

The Challenge

  1. Interview vs Resume Dilemma
    While some candidates seemed promising on Resume and some others performed impressively in interviews, it was difficult to boil it down to accurate measures of skills.
  2. Quantifying Experience and Skills
    To ensure top performance of BPO teams, CP360 was looking to measure an all-rounded English proficiency, along with technical know-how among coders.
  3. High Turn Around Time
    From putting together relevant assessments to announcing final recruits, the hiring cycle was rather long. CP360 could not afford any dropouts among top candidates during the cycle itself.

The Solution

iMocha’s Talent Acquisition Analytics solution mapped candidate’s skills competency accurately. CP360 could predict even the retention rate by looking at relevant data points in iMocha generated reports. It facilitated informed decision-making, while ensuring that all candidates get a fair chance.

  1. AI-English Pro – The Showstopper!
    a. This innovative way of quantifying English proficiency enabled CP360 to tie all data points together and identify skills-fit candidates.
    b. Metrics offered the scope to drill down further and identify areas of coaching.
    c. Quick baseline data guided benchmarks critical for customer facing roles and streamlined hiring goals.
  2. A Global Solution
    The app platform could integrate HR teams across the globe, while iMocha’s Customer Success team worked closely to ensure seamless global onboarding management. Success in the US and Europe peaked interest in other locations, resulting in adoption by the Asia-Pacific region.
  3. Let Reports do the Math
    a. Auto generated reports containing relevant data points were presented in the form of comprehensive and concise visual graphics.
    b. Moreover, insights on cheating or window violations were made available with the help of AI-enabled proctoring in all assessments.
  4. The Customer Success team – a partner indeed
    iMocha’s customer success team remained riveted to understanding CP360’s business and pitched relevant suggestions to sail through all recruitment drives.

Results with iMocha

  1. Ready-to-use talent analytics in reports saved 24 hours per candidate during shortlisting decisions.
  2. Quality of hires improved significantly –training time was cut short from 3 weeks to 1 week. Eventually, there was an increase in the application to conversion ratio.
    CP360 could accelerate the journey of new hires from onboarding to becoming hands-on, without any compromise in the quality of project deliveries.
  3. CP360 could accelerate the journey of new hires from onboarding to becoming hands-on, without any compromise in the quality of project deliveries.
  4. Growth was seen within global offices. This further propagated the hiring solution locally.

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