How a prominent county in USA scaled hiring with automated skills assessments

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Public Sector Organization





  • Manual assessments were no longer feasible
  • Comprehensive Skills Library
  • Adding own questions
  • Question insights

About the Company

With a $6.5 billion budget and more than 70 agencies/departments, and more than 21,000 employees, this county plans for the needs of a dynamic community, provides quality services and promotes a healthy, safe and prosperous community for all. The County provides essential services including public health protection, environmental protection, medical services, child and adult protection services, homelessness prevention and solutions, roads, park services, libraries, emergency response to disasters, protection of minority communities and those under threat, access to a fair criminal justice system, and scores of other services, particularly for those members of our community in the greatest need.

The Challenge

This county is the third-highest employer in the United States. Before the pandemic, they had a set hiring process. Candidates were required to appear for pen-paper assessments at their offices. After manual evaluation, the shortlisted candidates were interviewed and selected. This process worked well for them before in-person hiring became difficult. To overcome this challenge, their recruitment team was looking to partner with an online assessment platform. With remote-first hiring taking precedence, tying up with an apt partner became even crucial.

The Solution

The team evaluated multiple assessment players before finalizing iMocha. Besides a comprehensive skills library, they loved the flexibility of adding their questions to the assessment. They had an internal team that created questions and added them in their assessments. Our customer success team worked closely with their recruitment team to get the process up and running within a few days. With the first few assessments, the county were impressed with the ease of the platform and the quick turnaround. Candidates could appear for the assessment from the comfort of their homes and the results were generated within two minutes. As they were using their own questions, the county office particularly leveraged the Question Insights feature to track and measure each question's performance. It helped them create a well-balanced assessment. The comprehensive assessment report has helped them shortlist and hire the top performers.

The Result

The county’s recruitment team quickly switched to a digital recruitment strategy and has successfully shortlisted job fit candidates in the first two months. Looking at this success, they are planning to use iMocha for technical recruitment as well.

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