How a leading US-based CDN company met its diversity & inclusion goals while vetting candidates for their training academy

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Candidates selected for the training program




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Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa

  • Managing the high volume of applications and filtering them in a day
  • Administering assessments remotely & securely
  • Eliminating any selection biases
  • Remote assessments with advanced proctoring
  • Prompt and accurate skill-wise candidate reports
  • Adding and using their own questions in the tests

About the training course

This leading American CDN company runs a training program. This program is designed for people interested in technology but do not have a formal technical education. One of the principal advocates of diversity & inclusion, this company seeks to develop a strategic talent advantage of sorts by pursuing candidates who represent diverse backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints. After the training, the top participants are offered positions in the company as well as their partners for contractual positions and based on their performance during their contract, are offered a permanent position. The contractual position is for a period of 6 months.

Eligibility Criteria
  • Below are the requirements a candidate must possess to be eligible for selection in the training program:
  • A four-year university degree or higher or equivalent military experience
  • A 3.0 GPA or higher (if applicable)
  • Written and verbal English fluency
  • Interest in a career in technology
  • Ability to attend the program full-time in the specified location

“The response for our training program was humongous, and it was impossible for my team to manually filter around 500+ applications in 1 or 2 days. By using iMocha’s assessments, we could assess the candidates quickly and place them in the next phase of the selection process. It saved us a lot of time and efforts and only deserving candidates got through.”

Diversity & Inclusion Analyst,
A leading US based CDN company

The Challenge

Being a renowned brand, its training program garners overwhelming response whenever a new session is announced. Before using iMocha, the major challenge was managing the high number of applications and filtering them out in a single day. The company gets around 300+ applications in a single day and it’s humanly impossible for its team to filter them manually. Moreover, the applications are received from various geographical locations and time zones which made it challenging to evaluate them.
The company is very keen to provide opportunities to women and people of diverse backgrounds. Since the evaluation and filtering was a manual process there was a fear of biases slipping into the process

The Solution

The company used Mocha’s automated assessments to filter the applications for English and Analytical acumen. It was easier to send the assessment link to the candidates – who could then attempt it anytime, anywhere. Since the tests were proctored, there was no scope for any malpractices by the candidates.
This helped the company reach out to candidates from variegated geographical locations. In-depth skill-wise reports gave a fair idea of the candidate’s strength and weakness. These reports helped to filter the candidates without any biases. Their team could identify quality candidates and shortlist them for the next phase.

The Result

Instead of spending hours manually evaluating an application, the company could now identify the top performers within minutes. Their team could finish the first level of selection within 2 days of receiving the applications which usually took up to a week.
Remote assessments allowed the company to find quality talent from diverse backgrounds and locations in the USA and Europe. A major impact was the in-depth comparative reports that provided precise quantification of skills and empowered the company to create a strategic talent pipeline.

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