How a Big Four consultancy met project deadlines effectively by hiring Skills-fit talent in 50% less time than usual

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  • Difficult to find quality content on SAP skills
  • Low invitation to appearance ratio in lateral hiring
  • Low returns on hiring investment because of unskilled recruits
  • Coding Simulator with Code Replay
  • Extensive library of coding challenges in 20+ languages

About The Company

This global consultancy is a leading provider of audit and assurance, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, tax, and related services. With more than 150 years of hard work and commitment to making a real difference, this organization has grown to serve 150 countries and territories. This company serves four out of five Fortune Global 500® companies.


To hire SAP skilled candidates through continuous year-long recruitment drive for laterals.

The Solution

In addition to the availability of SAP related content, iMocha oFFered the perfect lateral friendly assessments by levering on its patented innovation of the AI-LogicBox.

  • iMocha’s detailed skill mapping to arrive at assessments that perfectly match the job role, was the star behind these assessments.
  • Accurate and only quality content validated by Mochaworks, community of highly qualiFIed global subject matter experts, was incorporated in assessments.
  • The intelligent tool of AI-LogicBox was used to compact lengthy SAP questions into a shorter approach, to create laser sharp focus on candidates’ logic.
  • In depth analytics in auto generated test reports gave a clear and reliable projection of candidates’ skills.
  • Liberty to readily download test reports and share them internally enabled quick review among other stakeholders. This expedited the decision-making process.


  • A hiring round that may have otherwise consumed 30 days' time, effort, and cost, was concluded in 15 days, saving approx. 50% time.
  • Because of precise assessments with short time limit, 96% lateral candidates who attempted the assessment, completed it.
  • With skilled recruits in their team, the organization could meet project deadlines of digital unit effectively in time.

Cheers To More Mocha Sips!

Hiring for two more Business Units:

  • The Digital Unit has rolled out 85 assessments to hire laterals
  • The Cloud Analytics Business Unit has also started using the iMocha innovation.

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