How a leading IT Services Company adopted iMocha and reduced hiring costs by 20%

leading it company


Candidates evaluated for .Net Developer & Business Analyst roles


Scored more than 50% and were shortlisted for interviews


Candidates Hired


Information Technology & Services




USA, India

  • Traditional hiring methods
  • Time-consuming process
  • Online assessments
  • Skill-wise reports
  • Advanced proctoring mechanism

The Company

This company specializes in providing Software and Services to Insurance, Healthcare & Financial Services firms. Their service offerings include Digital Engagement, Customer Communications, Content & Collaboration, Information & Insights, Quality Assurance & Testing, and Application Services. Their award-winning software and services have been extensively covered by Gartner, Celent, Novarica, and Strategy Meets Action.

“We were spending a lot of time and resources on our hiring but were not getting the desired results. We decided to switch to an online assessment tool that would give us a great candidate pool to select from and help us make data-driven decisions.”

leading IT Services Company

The Challenge

This company was looking to hire top candidates for .Net Developer and Business Analysts role. The main challenge faced by the recruitment team was the traditional hiring process: pen and paper assessments, manual skills validation by hiring managers. The candidates had to appear for the tests at their office which required some of their team to monitor the test, manually evaluate it, and then shortlist the candidates for a face to face interview.

The Solution

This leading IT Services company partnered with iMocha to adapt the online skills assessment mechanism. Instead of inviting candidates to their offices, they simply sent the test links through an email. This approach eliminated the administrative costs involved with conducting the test in the office. The candidates could appear for the test remotely from anywhere, thus enhancing the candidate experience as well. Remote proctoring mechanisms such as Image Proctoring and Window Lock ensured that no unfair means were used by the candidates. The skill-wise test reports helped the recruitment team to make data-driven hiring decisions.

The Result

Reduction in hiring costs by almost 20% after using iMocha. The process was now streamlined and efficient.

Next Step

In 2020, this IT Services company is looking at using iMocha for Campus Recruitment.

Want to reduce cost-per-hire andscale your recruitment process?


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