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Bukalapak evaluates candidate skills with iMocha & Workable

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Reports can be viewed in Workable as well as iMocha




1,000 – 3,000



  • Lack of skills quantification mechanism
  • Find a quality assessment partner equipped to handle current and future requirements
  • Huge candidate inflow resulting in enormous investment of interview time by Hiring Managers
  • 1-Click integration
  • Comprehensive test library
  • Remote proctoring
  • Flexibility to add own questions

The Company

Bukalapak is one of the leading e-commerce platforms in Indonesia and has recently achieved the coveted status of being Indonesia’s fourth unicorn startup. Bukalapak provides an apt platform for sellers to serve buyers from all over Indonesia for multiple transactions. Bukalapak has facilitated easy and reliable buying and selling of goods.

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“We received positive feedback from the candidates’ on iMocha’s intuitive assessments. We could identify top performers and evaluate them faster. Additionally, our recruiters could drive the entire recruitment within a single platform and that really worked for us.”

Anida Noviyanti,
Talent Acquisition & Onboarding Lead, Bukalapak

The Challenge

Bukalapak was expanding its operations and wanted to strengthen its workforce. Bukalapak was using Workable as their ATS partner and were in search of an assessment partner to provide the team with a competitive edge in the marketplace. One of their challenges was to find a way to quantify candidates’ skills and knowledge and incorporate qualified candidates in their recruitment pipeline. Their existing recruitment strategy was time-consuming and was ineffective in filtering job fit candidates.

Since they were already using Workable, their recruitment team wanted an assessment platform integrated with Workable so that the entire recruitment workflow could be managed from their ATS itself.

The Solution

After evaluating numerous options, Bukalapak decided to go with iMocha which was one of the assessment partners of Workable. One of the deciding factors was the 1-Click integration process offered by iMocha, where the integration was seamless and devoid of any dependency on the technical team. iMocha offered 1500+ pre-built skills tests as well as the option to create own assessments with own questions. Bukalapak created customized assessments for specific job roles and the detailed reports helped them identify the most qualified candidates for the job.

The Result

iMocha’s assessments gave a real measure of the candidates’ skills and knowledge. Recruiters can send the test link to the candidates, access reports – everything through the Workable platform. Based on the reports the candidates are lined up for further interviews. All this is completed within a two or three hour window. iMocha’s integration with Workable allowed Bukalapak to send assessment invites and view reports from either of the platforms.

iMocha and Workable Partnership

In August 2018, iMocha and Workable formed a partnership to deliver iMocha’s assessments through Workable’s Applicant Tracking System to streamline the recruitment process for recruiters and hiring managers.

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