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About Company

Almabase is a SaaS platform that empowers small shop alumni teams across schools, colleges, and universities to increase their alumni engagement without growing their resources. Almabase is an all-in-one alumni relations software built to amplify a team’s impact by simplifying a lot of day-to-day work and helping customers do more.

“Evaluating coding skills through pen-paper assessments was a challenge. Recruiting via premier technology institutions means that you need to have assessments of the top caliber. iMocha has the best skill library to evaluate top developers. The entire process was online, and the instant report generation meant that we had a list of the top candidates to interview. This saved us tremendous time and costs as well.”

Prince Arora ,
Senior Software Developer

The Challenge

Almabase is a fast-growing alumni management platform. It offers a one-stop solution for alumni to manage their database, events, directory, and website. As a part of their expansion, they were looking to hire software developers from IITs – the most premier information technology universities in India. IITs have the best brains of the country as their students, hence Almabase needed to put together a recruitment strategy that helped them select the best from the best.

Almabase relied on pen and paper assessments, but to measure coding skills, this is an outdated and unreliable method. It requires tremendous planning, time, and is higher on the administrative costs. Almabase wanted to shift to a reliable, data-driven, and time effective hiring process.

The Solution

Almabase conducted campus drives at 2 IIT campuses. They used iMocha’s Coding tests to evaluate coding skills. This eliminated the manual time taken to evaluate each candidate’s test. The in-depth reports allowed the hiring team to take data-driven decisions. Top performing candidates were lined shortlisted for interviews.

At university hiring, after a certain point all the resumes start looking similar. Adding a coding test helped Almabase filter out unqualified candidates. What mattered was not the GPA, but the coding skills and iMocha’s coding assessments helped Almabase earmark the best coding talent.

The Result

With iMocha, Almabase were able to devise a focused campus hiring strategy that got them the brightest talents from the best institutes.