Jobberman assesses soft skills with iMocha to empower African youth with career opportunities to bridge skills gap

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With a clear vision to create Nigeria's most user-centric and transparent career ecosystem, Jobberman connects qualified professionals with the right opportunities. Founded in 2009, it is an all-encompassing career platform that is part of the African Talent Company. It is also Nigeria's #1 online job portal.

On average, Jobberman receives over 2.5 million job applicants, where 7500+ talents get placed monthly and 60,000 employers nationwide.

Offering an array of youth programs focused on bridging talent gaps, Jobberman started an initiative in 2020 to train young people with soft skills and empower them with internships and job opportunities. Jobberman onboarded iMocha as their skills assessment partner as part of this journey.

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We onboarded iMocha as a partner of choice to empower us with end-to-end management of skills assessments to help us make data-driven decisions. We went forward with iMocha because we needed a company that could offer an excellent level of customization, and we got that from iMocha.

- Issac Oni,

Lead Product Manager, Jobberman

iMocha's partnership

Challenges Faced

Jobberman, as part of their youth empowerment program, required a skills assessment platform to facilitate them with data-backed insights, allowing them to make data-driven decisions. Additionally, based on the market and target audience, Jobberman needed a platform offering them customization, especially while assessing candidates for their soft skills.  

Yet another challenge that Jobberman confronted was identifying a platform that could be integrated seamlessly with their software. They also wanted a solution provider with the ability to address any issue they might face while using the platform as soon as possible.  

In short, Jobberman was searching for a flexible, customer-centric, reliable skills assessment partner that could solve their challenges in one go.

By onboarding iMocha, Jobberman could work on bridging the talent gap efficiently and empower African youth by facilitating them with jobs and training opportunities. As required, iMocha provided a highly customizable skills assessment platform, addressing Jobberman’s key needs.  

Additionally, Jobberman wanted a skills assessment provider that could offer seamless integration to their platform, and iMocha provided this without any hassle. By partnering with iMocha, Jobberman could resolve any issues they ran into with the customer support given by iMocha with a 100% response rate.  

To date, Jobberman has completed around 250,000 skills assessments with iMocha, and they find the tests by iMocha as highly reliable and of high quality.  

  • Empowered youths in the African region with internships and job opportunities  
  • Identified African youths with the right set of soft skills and hard skills  
  • Helped Jobberman make data-driven decisions  
  • Resolved Jobberman’s issue of integration with their platform, further aiding the assessment process

"iMocha has equally been to par with us. This is why I recommend iMocha because you really want a company that would be there with you at every point of the journey, from the platform's reliability to the customer service experience and professionalism. And most importantly, the level of value like the skills assessments bring to the table. I think it's something worth trying."

- Issac Oni, Lead Product Manager, Jobberman

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With iMocha, get flexible, automated, innovative solutions to make intelligent talent decisions at any scale.

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With iMocha, get flexible, automated, innovative solutions to make intelligent talent decisions at any scale.
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