Codility Vs iMocha

iMocha has an edge over Codility

Thanks to our premium library of 3000+ skills, 200,000+ questions, fully customizable skill assessments, superior platform experience, and excellent customer support, enterprises choose iMocha over Codility.

Codility Vs iMocha
Recognized and trusted by
many fortune 500 companies
Why enterprises love iMocha?
The World’s largest skill library with 3000+ skills and 50+ Next-Gen skills
iMocha has the world's largest skills library, with 3000+ skills covering coding, IT, and domains and 50+ Next-Gen skills that will play a significant role in tech giants' digital transformation and innovation ambitions.
The World’s largest skill library with 3000+ skills and 50+ Next-Gen skills
The AI-Powered skill assessment platform
is supported by innovative features like AI-LogicBox, advanced proctoring for cheating prevention, the fastest custom test creation, and top-end employer branding features.
The AI-Powered skill assessment platform
Unmatched recruiter experience
by integrating with leading ATS and LMS to empower your recruiters within a single repository without switching between different apps.
The AI-Powered skill assessment platform
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Looking for Codility alternatives? Check out Codility vs iMocha detailed comparison and choose the best skills assessment partner.
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iMocha is trusted by many fast-growing enterprises that have increased the efficiency of their recruitment processes through our various offerings and solutions.

Feature Comparison
Skills Assessment Library
The World's largest skill library, with over 3000+ skill assessments
The World's largest skill library, with over 3000+ skill assessmentsThe World's largest skill library, with over 3000+ skill assessments
Technical Skills
Technical SkillsTechnical Skills
Coding Skills
Coding SkillsCoding Skills
Functional Skills Assessment (SAP, Salesforce, RPA)
Functional Skills Assessment (SAP, Salesforce, RPA)Functional Skills Assessment (SAP, Salesforce, RPA)
Project Assessment
Project AssessmentProject Assessment
Domain Skills - Banking & Finance, Supply Chain
Domain Skills - Banking & Finance, Supply ChainDomain Skills - Banking & Finance, Supply Chain
Communication Skills - AI-EnglishPro, AI-Speaking, AI-Writing
Communication Skills - AI-EnglishPro, AI-Speaking, AI-WritingCommunication Skills - AI-EnglishPro, AI-Speaking, AI-Writing
Cognitive & Aptitude skills
Cognitive & Aptitude skillsCognitive & Aptitude skills
Custom Test (Assessment Creation Consulting)
Custom Test (Assessment Creation Consulting)Custom Test (Assessment Creation Consulting)
Enterprise Readiness
Single sign-on
Single sign-onSingle sign-on
Team Management with Role-Based Access Control
Team Management with Role-Based Access ControlTeam Management with Role-Based Access Control
Product Security (Soc2)
Product Security (Soc2)Product Security (Soc2)
SLA & Support
SLA & SupportSLA & Support
Advanced Employer Branding
Advanced Employer BrandingAdvanced Employer Branding
Candidate Career Site
Candidate Career Site	Candidate Career Site
Invitation Options
Invitation Options	Invitation Options
White Labelling
White LabellingWhite Labelling
Innovation Assesment Platform
No items found.
Enterprise Assessment Platform
Validity & Reliability of Assessments
Validity & Reliability of Assessments	Validity & Reliability of Assessments
Live Coding Interview
Live Coding InterviewLive Coding Interview
Live Video Interview
Live Video InterviewLive Video Interview
Analysis of Question Difficulty Levels
Analysis of Question Difficulty LevelsAnalysis of Question Difficulty Levels
AI-enabled One Way Video Interview
AI-enabled One Way Video InterviewAI-enabled One Way Video Interview
AI-LogicBox - Innovative & Patented Question Type
AI-LogicBox - Innovative & Patented Question TypeAI-LogicBox - Innovative & Patented Question Type
Reporting and Analytics
Predictive Benchmarking for all Enterprise Job roles
Predictive Benchmarking for all Enterprise Job rolesPredictive Benchmarking for all Enterprise Job roles
Industry Benchmarking for all Enterprise Job roles
Industry Benchmarking for all Enterprise Job rolesIndustry Benchmarking for all Enterprise Job roles
Question Diifculty Analysis
Question Diifculty AnalysisQuestion Diifculty Analysis
Assessment Quality Analysis
Assessment Quality AnalysisAssessment Quality Analysis
Candidate Response Score
Candidate Response ScoreCandidate Response Score
Code Review Analysis
Code Review AnalysisCode Review Analysis
Video Question Analysis
Video Question AnalysisVideo Question Analysis
Recruiter Performance Report
Recruiter Performance ReportRecruiter Performance Report
Comparative Candidate Analysis
Comparative Candidate AnalysisComparative Candidate Analysis
Cheating Prevention
Real Time Image Proctoring
Real Time Image ProctoringReal Time Image Proctoring
Video Proctoring with analysis
Video Proctoring with analysisVideo Proctoring with analysis
Window Lock With Test Termination
Window Lock With Test TerminationWindow Lock With Test Termination
Question level Time violation
Question level Time violationQuestion level Time violation
Question & Option Randomization
Question & Option RandomizationQuestion & Option Randomization
IP Ranges
IP RangesIP Ranges
Customer Success and Support
Training & On Boarding
Training & On BoardingTraining & On Boarding
Assistance For Custom Test
Assistance For Custom TestAssistance For Custom Test
Analytics That Matter
Analytics That MatterAnalytics That Matter
Review Meetings with Customer
Review Meetings with CustomerReview Meetings with Customer
Flexible Support Options
Flexible Support OptionsFlexible Support Options
Loved by our

As a cybersecurity training solution, a critical piece of our learning philosophy is the ability to measure a learner’s understanding of a given subject.  iMocha has been a great partner in this regard for both out-of-the-box and custom-made quizzes and assessments. 

The ability to create content that directly aligns with our video-based courses has made a tremendous difference in the value we have been able to offer to our clients. iMocha’s ready-made assessments have also helped us deliver more robust insight into IT and cybersecurity readiness for our learners. 

We’ve been very grateful for iMocha’s intentional customer support. This is a good company to partner with for your training goals.

Regina Sheridan

Director of Content

Identifying the right candidate remotely took a lot of our time, considering how each seemed to have different levels of skills and expertise.

iMocha helped us to transform our remote hiring strategy and cut down on our candidate filtration time by 40% making it our preferred assessment software.

Pedro Furtado

Capacity Manager,

Hiring Data Scientists was a challenge as the interview process took time. With iMocha's data science assessments, the process was simplified.

The tool helped us shortlist top candidates and extend offer letter in just 4 days.

Lynn Hodak

Talent Acquisition Manager, Capgemini

We have always believed in hiring talent on merit rather than resumes. When we started our global recruitment, we were clear on including assessments to evaluate skills and shortlist candidates.

iMocha has helped us immensely over the past 3 years to not only assess candidates but also optimize our recruitment process.

Senthil Nayagam K

Sr. VP, Hexaware

What are the best alternatives to HackerRank?
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Technological advancement over the past few years has been incredible. It is a well unknown fact that every organization is looking for candidates for tech job roles. And getting the job-fit talent is still a mundane task. HackerRank is certainly a popular platform by candidates and recruiters. But recruiters and hiring managers still want something more and accurate to assess the technical skills while they streamline hiring process.

So, what are those HackerRank alternatives

While hiring tech talent if you are concerned about increased time-to-hire and in search of one stop solution then iMocha is all you need to check out.

Accurate, scientifically designed, and intuitive tech skill assessments will suit all your skill assessment needs. Even with no technical background iMocha enables you to assess tech skills efficiently. And tech savy people just cannot think of any other skill assessment tool when they use iMocha’s advanced features like:

  1. Coding simulator: Coding simulator is an assessment in which candidates write code from the scratch. Coding simulators are designed to check the basic coding fundamentals of the candidate and analytical skills. Coding simulators comes with several candidate friendly features like:
  2. Code replay
  3. Code plagiarism
  4. Real-time coding environment
  5. Scoring Made Custom
  6. Candidate Friendly
  7. AI-Logic box: LogicBox, to assess a candidate’s logical approach and problem-solving skills with an Artificial Intelligence-based pseudo coding platform. It enables faster and enhanced candidate assessments.
  8. Live Coding Interview: It enables recruiters to assess real time tech skills in a real programming environment. It also provides real time video and chat feature you can provide suggestions to improve code efficiency. The platform comes with
  9. In-built code editor
  10. Real time coding collaboration
  11. Replay interviews key by key with code replay
What are the sites like HackerRank?
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Organizations are in continuous search for developer, programmer to join their tech team. Potential candidates need a platform to showcase their coding skills in order to get selected in hiring process. Sites like Hackerrank help recruiters assess candidates faster and reduce hiring time up to 60%. Information technology organizations prefer to take help of these tech skill assessment platforms to cut down time and money required for hiring tech talent. Below you can check top websites like HackerRank:

  • iMocha
  • HackerEarth
  • Codility
  • Devskiller
Who are the HackerRank competitors?
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If you want to hire the best tech talent for your organization. You need a platform that assess candidate's coding skills and excellence in programming languages & provides an in-depth test report to help you identify best for your organization.

There are various platforms available for assessing the technical skills of the applicants.

iMocha is one such pre-employment skill testing platform that is preferred and trusted by the world’s leading brands.

To identify the best software for your technical recruitment needs, check out a factual and detailed comparison.

HackerRank vs iMocha

What makes iMocha stand out?

  • Ready to use Library (2000+ skills tests)
  • Custom Tests
  • Cheating Prevention- Webcam Proctoring, Image/audio Proctoring,QuestionRandomization
  • One way video Interview questions
  • Intelligent Analytics
  • Employer branding
  • Custom Landing Page
  • Auto Follow Up
  • Powerful Reporting
  • 1-click integration with many ATS solutions

Before you choose the right pre-employment testing platform, compare and identify which platform is going to serve the purpose of hiring job fit candidates.

How to choose best pre-employment testing platform?
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Pre-employment skill testing is one of the most effective ways to predict candidate’s skills, knowledge, ability to perform, and behavioral style. Nevertheless, you need to carefully choose the pre-employment testing tool while hiring tech talent for your organization. Here are a few parameters you should consider while selecting a candidate assessment platform.

  1. Ready skill tests for tech hiring: If your primary objective is to assess technical skills of job applicants and identify the best talent then a software must contain It skills, Coding skills, Cognitive skills, Next get skills, and job-based skills.
  2. Custome test: As we mentioned above, the job role based tests are important. But, if the customer wants to add his or her own questions into the test to evaluate some other capabilities of the candidates then, the platform should deliver a customized test as per the hiring needs
  3. Coding simulator: A skill assessment platform should have a coding simulation technique embedded. When the candidate gets exposed to active and experimental simulated platforms. Recruiters can see the relevance of their knowledge and experience to their future performance.
  4. Intelligent analytics: The test report should be presented in a format that gives a quick analysis of a candidate’s performance. There should be section-wise analysis to empower recruiter or hiring managers with insights to make the right hiring decisions.
What can I expect from a skills assessment test?
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Hiring the right talent has always been one of the biggest challenges for recruiters and hiring managers. As skills become more technical and roles become more specialized, it is no longer limited to resumes, cover letters and interviews to make an informed decision. Skills assessment has become an integral part of hiring process. So, if you are planning to make pre-employment testing a prime factor of recruitment process, they you should expect following benefits:

  • Increase employee retention
  • Less time-consuming hiring process
  • Reduced hiring cost
  • Biasfree hiring decision
  • Reduced administration cost
  • Improved performance and productivity

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