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Time to Hire – 1 day
Number of students assessed - 350
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Customer Challenges

Limited content to assess required skills

Nice Actimize had access to skill tests that had inadequate question content.

Time Consuming and Resource intensive process  

Campus hiring involves a tremendous amount of logistics and there is pressure on recruiters to roll out offers in a single day. Any delay in hiring cycle means high chances of top candidates diverting to alternate options in the job market.  

No measures to detect cheating

Moreover, Due to lack of cheating prevention tools, Nice Actimize had to deploy a large team to visit campuses and manually invigilate the tests.  

Information Technology Services
Solution Type
Campus Hiring
HR System
Product Used

iMocha Solution

An Exhaustive question bank with high quality content  

With iMocha, Nice Actimize had access to the world’s largest skills library. The question bank was exhaustive, and the content was quality checked and validated by top Subject Matter Experts. With the help of iMocha’s Skill Consulting Services and a 24/7 responsive Customer Success team, Nice Actimize curated assessments to match their require- ments and standards. Such an assessment framework enabled them to hire top 35 stu- dents out of a massive pool of 350.  

Strong cheating prevention tools to monitor candidates for campus hiring  

By using a reliable set of proctoring tools including Window Violation checks, Image Proc- toring and Randomization of Question and Answers, Nice Actimize identified instances of cheating attempts. To top that, intensity of cheating was measurable based on the data presented in iMocha’s proctoring reports. In addition to cheating insights, the test reports generated within 2 minutes of test submission also gave skill wise analytics and question insights for each candidate. Recruiters significantly reduced their decision-making time and did away with the need to visit campuses and monitor candidates during ongoing assessments.  

Why iMocha

With iMocha, get flexible, automated, innovative solutions to make intelligent talent decisions at any scale.

iMocha’s Smart Proctoring Solution

IMocha's smart proctoring solution enabled NICE to detect and prevent cheating, thus drastically reducing the number of false positives.

iMocha's Extensive Skill Library

With iMocha's skill library, the team at NICE had access to all the assessments as per their specific requirements.

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