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Customer Challenges

Lack of a standardized pre-screening assessment process:

Hexaware did not have a standardized pre-screening assessment process which resulted in a longer time to hire. Many of their hires were based on gut feelings and a bit of bias.

Skill quantification in the hiring process:

Recruiters and Hiring Managers spent a lot of time in interviewing irrelevant candidates. At times, the candidates had airtight resumes and were impressive in the interviews but lacked the required skill when hired.  

Need of an automated and scalable solution:

Hexaware has bulk drives/walk-ins, account-level hiring, and domain skills hiring. As the recruitment teams and Hiring Managers were facing the challenge of hiring job-fit candidates within an acceptable time frame, Hexaware was in need of an automated and scalable solution.  

Information Technology Services
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Talent Acquisition – Lateral Hiring
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Product Used

iMocha Solution

Getting the process automated:

The Hexaware team worked with iMocha to create a solution that could “plug the loopholes and create a data-driven process.” The process started with iMocha’s Customer Success team onboarding their recruiters and hiring managers, helping them create assessments that validated candidates’ skills. The first impact was a recruitment process fueled by data and eliminated human bias.

Creating effective assessments:

Hexaware created pre-employment assessments for various job roles and levels. iMocha’s SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) developed tests for Hexaware like Azure, Java, PHP, DevOps, Testing, PMBOK, BABOK, Machine learning, and other skills.


Data-backed decisions:

Hexaware could identify the right consultants (employees) for their client projects.  

Using the powerful in-built analytics, Hexaware could view candidate reports as they are completed in real-time and identify top performers. Moreover, they could share the results with their clients, who were assured of the competency level of the resources.

Why iMocha

With iMocha, get flexible, automated, innovative solutions to make intelligent talent decisions at any scale.

Customized, calibrated assessments

Customer Success team and Subject Matter Experts at iMocha worked with the Hexaware team to create assessments on skills like Azure, Java, PHP, DevOps, Testing, PMBOK, BABOK, Machine learning and many more.

Easy, intuitive analytics

iMocha's analytics removed bias helped the Hexaware team make intelligent talent decisions.

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