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Customer Challenges

EY encountered obstacles in recruiting 200+ high-performing fresh graduates from university campuses with strong technical expertise, cognitive aptitude, and proficient business English skills.

The previous manual campus recruitment process entailed demanding schedules, requiring visits to multiple campuses within a tight 4-5 month hiring timeline. This made acquiring talent from 90+ Tier I, II, and III category campuses an extremely time-consuming and resource-intensive initiative.

Furthermore, there was a shortage of assessment questions available to cover all 90+ campuses, posing challenges in preventing leaks. EY also needed a strong mechanism to detect cheating instances and maintain integrity of the assessments for selection of the right candidates.

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Talent Acquisition
HR System
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Smart Proctoring

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Skills Consulting

iMocha Solution

EY faced a daunting task of hiring 200+ top fresh graduates with high technical knowledge, cognitive aptitude, and effective business English skills from 90+ university campuses within a tight timeline of 4-5 months. iMocha's partnership provided a solution with an automated assessment platform to bring scalability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

  • iMocha’s skill consulting offered the assessment strategy suitable for job roles like Senior Analyst & Associate Consultant where the candidates were from B. Tech, B. Sc, and M. Tech background.
  • The assessments were designed to be adaptive with a mix of high, medium, and low difficulty level questions suitable for fresh graduates.
  • iMocha offered a large library of assessment questions for two levels of screening.
    - Level 1 screening included Speaking and Writing skills under Business English communication and numerical & reasoning ability under cognitive aptitude.
    - Level 2 screening included basic coding assessments in a variety of coding languages.
  • iMocha AI-EnglishPro used AI/ML-driven engine powered by advanced NLP models for automating Speaking and Writing evaluation under business English communication skills.
  • iMocha platform allowed the flexibility to combine assessments of business English skills & cognitive aptitude.
  • With a large question bank, the platform ensured the questions were randomized to prevent any leaks. - iMocha’s AI-powered proctoring ensured the assessments were monitored to detect cheating instances.
  • iMocha’s dedicated customer support helped Capgemini throughout campus drives and ensured smooth execution.

EY successfully assessed 23,000+ graduates and postgraduates from 90+ campuses with skill-mapped assessments. They eliminated the cost, resources, time, and effort required for offline campus drives and completed the assessment of all campuses within deadlines. The online tests maintained 100% integrity for 3,000+ students within a span of 4-5 months. Ultimately, EY hired the top 1% of all-rounded coders from 90+ campuses, proficient in technical as well as business English skills.

Why iMocha

With iMocha, get flexible, automated, innovative solutions to make intelligent talent decisions at any scale.

Flexible & automated

Combine English skills with tech skills required for a job role. AI-powered automation saves time and eliminates manual efforts.

Efficient & comprehensive

Comprehensive, in-depth, automated reports help reduce cost, manual effort & save time. Dedicated support ensures smooth execution

Prevents cheating at scale

iMocha’s question bank randomization, AI-powered proctoring for cheating prevention maintains 100% integrity of assessments.

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