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Customer Challenges

Ericsson operates in an incredibly fast-paced ICT industry. To ensure their employees exceed industry standards, Ericsson Academy offers Ericsson Technical Certification Program (ETCP) but faced several challenges.

Lack of skill validation - Ericsson was unable to quantify and validate the skills of their employees. They were unable to identify the champions and give them measurable recognition.

Unavailability of niche skill assessments - Skill assessments for niche skills in the program from diverse areas of technical competence and telecom domain were unavailable.

Lack of flexible solutions - The complex certification mechanism of the program needed highly customized skill assessments to suit their certification tracks with three defined levels: Associate, Professional, and Expert.

Solution Type
Talent Development
HR System
Product Used

Skill Consulting


Coding Compilers

AI-powered Proctoring

Cobranded Certificates

Skill Analytics

iMocha Solution

Ericsson partnered with iMocha to deliver an employee-centric skill assessment ecosystem crafted for complex technology learning tracks, different proficiency levels and specific job-roles.

Ericsson Technical Certification Program (ETCP) was designed to encourage technical engineers and solution architects at Ericsson explore latest technologies and innovations. The Technical Certification Program initially started with people from Business Managed Application Services Unit and excel in areas like Technical Sales, Design, Configuration, Integration, Operation and Support.

To issue the certificates for those who scored a steep threshold of 80%, assessment reports were generated showing areas of strengths and areas of improvement along with proficiency level.

The certification mechanism of the program needed highly customized skill assessments to suit their certification tracks with three defined levels: Associate, Professional, and Expert.

Skill Content Consulting Services: Ericsson loved iMocha’s Skill Consulting Services. The question calibration process ensured super-fast delivery of tests that are peer-reviewed and extensively quality checked by subject matter experts. This helped Ericsson achieve a high degree of customization for skill assessments with a quick turnaround time.

AI-powered Smart Proctoring:
iMocha's AI-enabled smart proctoring and cheating prevention solutions ensured the integrity of the remote assessments, helped detect cheating instances and provided detailed reports on cheating intensity.

Dedicated Customer Success:
Our 24x7 support and dedicated customer success team helped Ericsson get up and running in no time.

Today, the program has successfully scaled to 1000+ employees with 4000+ assessments for new skill additions of Advanced Automation, Network Design and Optimization, RBA, RPA and low code/no code learning tracks.

Why iMocha

With iMocha, get flexible, automated, innovative solutions to make intelligent talent decisions at any scale.

Custom, tailor-made

Customized, tailored assessments for specific job roles & niche technologies are delivered with iMocha Skill Consulting Services.

Flexible, scalable

iMocha’s intuitive solutions are flexible & scalable for complex talent processes, learning tracks & skill proficiency levels.

Maintains integrity

iMocha’s AI-powered smart cheating prevention and fraud detection mechanisms maintain 100% integrity & objectivity of assessments

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Loved by Our Customers

"iMocha has really helped us in preparing our pre-sales team to sell our embedded security solutions more effectively to customers. We were looking for a partner who could help us to build a tailor-made, flexible solution that could support our needs, and help us to scale globally. The partnership between Ericsson and iMocha has been excellent. They created solutions for our specific needs and the process has been very collaborative."

Sabine van Zanten

Learning & Development Consultant