How an Australian Telecom Giant Reskilled Talent as a Strategic Response to Changing Skill Demands

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Customer Challenges

Just like any other telecom player around the world, a world-renowned Australian telecommunications giant was trying to keep up with the rapid pace of technological evolution. It implemented a technical reskilling program for their technical as well as non-technical talent, who worked in Network Security, Customer Support, and so on. The program focused primarily on cutting-edge technologies in Frontend, Backend, Data Science, DevSecOps, and more.

However, they were struggling to:

  • Quantify skills of employees through assessments that are customized for their learning material, especially for modern technologies
  • Understand the training effectiveness with pre-learning andpost-learning assessments
  • Measure hands-on skill application with real world capstone projects
Solution Type
Talent Development
HR System
Neo Pro
Product Used

Skill Consulting
Skill Analytics

iMocha Solution

The Learning & Development leaders at the Australian telecommunication corporation collaborated with iMocha to develop custom process specific to 4 learning tracks, 4 job families and 21 skills across Frontend/Backend, Data Science, DevSecOps and Solution Designing & Engineering.

  • Flexible for program structure - 3500+ employees were enrolled in the learning program in which iMocha assessments were placed at set intervals for prompt and effective skill evaluation at every stage.
  • Integrated experience - To ensure employees go through a seamless learning experience, the assessments were integrated within their system, Neo Pro.
  • Innovative skill assessment – Besides multiple choice and coding assessments, iMocha Projects helped them with complete application environments where the customer was able to evaluate hands-on skill application of employees with capstone projects. iMocha team worked with the customer to custom design the capstone projects to suit the reskilling program needs for React and Jupiter.
  • Skill Intelligence - iMocha helped the customer with dashboards and heatmap analytics for insights that could be used to make faster, objective, and intelligent talent decisions. Unlike subjective assessments that needs to be evaluated manually, iMocha platform helped them with automatic scoring and reports that saved them hours of manual effort.

Why iMocha

With iMocha, get flexible, automated, innovative solutions to make intelligent talent decisions at any scale.

Flexible & Innovative

From customized assessment & innovative patented technology, get flexibility and innovation every step of the way with iMocha.

Scalable & Integrated

Get concurrent evaluation of multiple employees at scale with a seamless integrated experience, making the process time-efficient

Skill Data-driven

Driven to benchmark talent in new age skills, iMocha provides automated scoring, deep analytics, and customized dashboards.

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Loved by Our Customers

“The complete cycle took less than 30 days to onboard a technical role candidate with hands-on skills. Normally it used to take lot of time in finding the skilled candidates iMocha has helped reduce the initial toil for our aggressive hiring needs. The assessment reporting dashboard helps us take faster decisions. It saved a lot of time for our panel members and helped to meet our profile filtering for candidates with practical skill application.”

Talent Acquisition Leader from a Major Australian

Telecommunications Organization