ROI on your iMocha

The most visible short term benefit of using iMocha is the reduced administrative time spent screening candidates.

Money spent with and without iMocha
  • 10 Hires

    10 Hires

  • 100 Hires

    100 Hires

  • 500 Hires

    500 Hires

  • without iMocha

  • with iMocha

iMocha online assessment increase profitability by helping companies hire more effective employees. However, it is hard to estimate the actual value of a good hire or the cost of a bad one. This presents a problem when it comes time to establish a budget for deploying iMocha assessments. The Below are some basic formulas to assist with building budgets and business cases for the use of iMocha's pre-employment assessment tests

Calculation illustration for 100 hires

No. of hires per year
Time spent with candidates who are not hired (in hours )

(This includes time spent reviewing resumes, coordinating and conducting interviews, and holding recruitment conversations.)

Average cost of recruiting time ($)

(Estimate of the hourly cost of recruiters and hiring managers who spend time with unqualified candidates.)

Hiring cut off (%)

(Number of people who will pass the assessment tool you use.)

Selection ratio

( This is the number of candidates you typically assess before making a hiring decision.)

Projected gain $112000

Long term benefits of using iMocha

  • ROI Provided by Hiring Better
  • ROI Provided by Avoiding Catastrophic Hires
  • ROI Provided by Reducing Turnover