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iMocha has an edge over HackerEarth

Enterprises prefer iMocha over HackerEarth as we have the world's largest skill library with 2,500+ skills, 200,000+ questions, fully customizable skills assessments, superior platform experience, and exceptional customer support.
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Three reasons
Why do enterprises love iMocha?
The World’s largest skill library with 2,500+ skills and 50+ Next-Gen skills

iMocha has the world's largest skills library, with 2,500+ skills covering coding, IT, and domains, as well as 50+ Next-Gen skills that will play a significant role in tech giants' digital transformation and innovation ambitions.

The AI-powered skill assessment platform

Innovative features like AI-LogicBox support the AI-Powered skills assessment platform, advanced proctoring for cheating prevention, the fastest custom test creation, and top-end employer branding features.

Unmatched platform expertise

iMocha provides a platform experience that is second to none, with a user-friendly UI, customizable assessments, insightful analytics, and single-click integration with leading ATS and LMS solutions.

What does the market have to say about us?

Is the product able to deliver high-quality support?

iMocha 92%
HackerEarth 91%

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G2 High Performer Spring 2021G2 High Performer Spring 2021G2 High Performer Spring 2021

Support Quality



iMocha is recognized by several governing bodies.
Feature comparison
Skills Assessment Library
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IT skills

Coding skills

Cognitive & Aptitude skills

Next-Gen skills


Job based skills


Enterprise Readiness
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Product Assortment

Single Sign-On

Audit Logs

Role-Based Access Control

Change Management

Deployment options

Multi-tenant Cloud based SaaS

Multi-tenant Cloud based SaaS

Team Management


1-Click Integration with 20+ Partners

Simple API Integrations

Reporting & Analytics



SLA & Support


Enterprise Assessment Platform
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Validity & Reliability of Assessments

Innovative Question Types

One Way Video Interview Questions

Live Video Interview

Difficulty Level Analysis

Truly Custom Test

Fastest < 24 hours


Configure Your Test Setting

Invitation Options

Customizable Email Invitations

Basic Invitation

Advanced Employer Branding

Advanced - Across email templates, urls and landing pages

Not available for all packages

Candidate Career Portal

On request

Not available

Reporting and Analytics
Down Arrow Circle

Customized Performance Report

Comparative Reports

Advanced Filtration & Search

Code Replay

Code Replay Analysis

Video Question Analysis

Coming soon

Analytics In a Mailbox

Shareable Reports

Insights Into Your Assessments

View All Report

Cheating Prevention
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Real Time Image Proctoring

Window Lock With Test Termination


Audio Proctoring

Video Proctoring

Copy-Paste prevention

Allow / Disallow option available

Allow / Disallow option available

IP range restriction

Customer Success and Support
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Training & On Boarding

Assistance For Custom Test

Analytics That Matter

Flexible Support Options

Trusted by global enterprises and fortune 500 companies