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Overcome your workforce upskilling/reskilling challenges during this lockdown with iMocha. Get on a demo with our experts to understand how to:
  • Benchmark employee skills against industry standards.
  • Conduct competency mapping initiatives alongside your digital upskilling program.
  • Identify and map the right person to the right job.
  • Upskill your workforce and ensure successful digital transformation.
  • Make data-driven succession planning decisions.
hire from assessment
Know how to "Hire from Home" with iMocha. Hop on a demo with our product experts & learn how to:
  • Hire-from-Home with 1500+ online proctored assessments.
  • Evaluate candidates’ skills securely with advanced audio & video proctoring.
  • Conduct real-time video interviews, live coding interviews to reduce your candidate shortlisting time up to 80%.
  • Make data driven hiring decisions with skill-wise test reports, comparative reports & more!
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What makes iMocha different?

The world’s largest skills assessment library

We provide over 100,000 questions, and 2000+ ready skills including Cloud, UiPath, BluePrism, AI/ML, IoT, Analytics & BI, Blockchain, Mobile & more. Innovative LogicBox provides coding questions in all languages from Salesforce to RPA where online IDE is not possible to help evaluate the skills of candidates fast.

Remotely hire job-fit tech talent faster.

Conduct real-time video interviews with best-in-class Cloud IDE with 28+ languages, SQL simulators, code pairing, code replay & its analysis. Ensure that the integrity of your assessments is not compromised with advanced cheating prevention techniques such as audio and video proctoring.

Experience hassle-free employer & candidate experience.

Invite candidates for online assessments in just 3 easy steps & generate instant reports that display a well-organized and easy-to-read summary of a candidate's assessment result. Sharing a candidate's report with hiring managers & teams is super easy with iMocha. And yes, 4 out of 5 candidates love our intuitive platform for skill assessments!

Understand why enterprises are choosing iMocha for all their remote hiring needs.

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Conduct remote assessments from the comfort of your home for 1500+ skills and efficiently evaluate employee skill levels.
IT skills Coding skills Next-Gen skills Cognitive skills Domain skills
Basic programming Java Data Science Visual reasoning BFSI
QA & automation SQL Machine learning Analytical thinking Engineering
Web development C/C++ Artificial intelligence English proficiency Mechanical
Mobile app development C# NumPy Critical thinking IT
Full stack development Python SkLearn Abstract reasoning Business analysis
System Administration PHP Deep learning Decision making Sales & Marketing