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Measure the impact of your L&D programs at every stage

iMocha’s skills assessment solution enables you to -
  • Identify skill gaps and training needs effectively
  • Create effective learning paths
  • Evaluate the ROI of your L&D programs
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Supercharge your L&D programs with iMocha's skills assessment solution

remove all bias
Remove all bias

Traditional ways of assessing your workforce may be biased. Having iMocha’s skill assessment tool gives you the power of analytics to make unbiased decisions.

learning paths
Create impactful learning paths

After analyzing the skill gap effectively, you can create learning paths that will actually bring about a transformation in the skillsets of your workforce.

access remote
Assess remotely

Is your workforce spread across different locations? No problem, iMocha’s solution has\ different features that allow you to conduct assessments remotely.

assessment effortlessely
Create assessments effortlessly

iMocha’s library has assessments for more than 2000 skills. There is no need to depend on other stakeholders to create assessments anymore.

How it works

Understanding the objective

The Business Head wants Ryan to take the position of ‘Project Manager’ in 6 months.

Conducting the Skill Gap analysis

The L&D Team conducts a skill gap analysis to assess Ryan’s current competency using iMocha. His current skill levels, strengths, learning areas are identified. Ryan’s future skill readiness for his new role is at 49%.

Designing the learning path

Based on the report, the L&D Team designs a learning path for Ryan. Ryan learns via Offline and Online Training Modules.

Conducting the post-training assessments

The L&D team conducts the post-training assessments for Ryan. Ryan’s overall score has improved from 49% to 68% which establishes the ROI of the L&D programs.

Transitioning into a new role

Ryan now has the skills to succeed as a Project Manager and can transition into the new role

understanding objective

See how iMocha helped Ericsson with their L&D needs

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iMocha helped us in achieving the goal of upskilling our workforce. We can now serve our customers better.

- Sabine van Zanten, L&D Consultant

Why consider iMocha

largest skill library
World's largest skills library

iMocha’s library consists of more than 2000 skills that can accurately assess the competency of your workforce across all areas. You will never have to look anywhere else.

Build highly engaging learning paths

Based on our proprietary Skill Meter, the L&D Team can create learning paths that address the Skill gaps that were identified.

goodbye bias
Say goodbye to all the bias

We believe that diverse teams perform better. Use iMocha’s skill meter to objectively gauge the skills of your workforce. Use powerful reporting to eliminate all the bias.

analytics report
Get deep insights with AI-powered analytics

iMocha’s solution gives you incredibly powerful reports (for individuals and also for the entire unit) to create a learning culture in the organization.

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“We wanted to upskill our workforce and were looking for a suitable assessment player. iMocha with their rich skills library helped us identify skills-gap and upskill 2,000 employees in 2 months.”

- L&D head, A leading Fintech Organization