Kickstarting digital transformation with existing employees

Kickstarting digital transformation

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First step: These are the different DT technologies in demand

1. Artificial Intelligence

2. Big Data

3. Business Intelligence

4. Cloud

5. Cyber Security

6. Data Science

7. Machine Learning

Going forward, all or most of these technologies are expected to permeate even the most basic aspects of a business. Not to increase the complexity but to simplify it.

Not everyone has the need or capacity to hire new employees. When the vast majority of employees do not have the requisite skills, it makes little sense to replace them with new hires. Not to mention the sheer cost of recruiting.

The best way forward in this case is to conduct a thorough digital transformation skills gap analysis of all employees, and accordingly upskill and/or reskill them to ensure they have the right skills and knowledge needed to ably adapt to all the digital transformation/ Next-Gen technologies of the workplace.

How to identify skills gaps in the workplace?

There is a very simple yet effective skills gap analysis method: Assess the employee’s skills and benchmark their performance against company or industry standards. This is the gap that you need to identify and reduce as much as possible with thorough L&D planning.

iMocha’s Upskilling Assessment Portal comprises the world’s largest skills library that includes ready assessments for 50+ Next-Gen/future skills like AI/ML, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Robotic Process Automation and many more.

Through this portal, employers can make sure they are able to effectively identify skills gaps and measure them against expected industry standards. Once the training gap analysis is complete, they can implement training and development programs to get these employees upto the set benchmarks.

The upskilling assessment portal also helps employers to assess their employees after the training and development programs have been conducted. This is possible with the help of a special feature called Competency Meter. A necessary to determine the effectiveness of the programs and how they have impacted the employees’ skills.

How Hexaware is working towards Upskilling & Cross-skilling with iMocha

Hexaware is a fast-growing and automation-led next-generation provider, with a deep-rooted legacy of delivering excellence in IT, BPO and consulting services and with a rapidly expanding international footprint.

Hexaware was keen to introduce an employee first approach to learning and development. Hexaware’s team tied up with a leading e-learning portal for various skill and learning courses. With the e-learning portal and LMS in place, Hexaware’s team realized that they needed an assessment partner to complete their loop.

With iMocha, Hexaware created tailor-made assessments for each learning course. The assessment reports provided a deep insight into the learnings of their consultants. The consultants could also measure their progress and decide the areas where they required additional efforts. Read the success story here...

Evaluate your employee's skills level

With iMocha's assessments

Evaluate your employee's skills level

How to map right employee to the right job?

Read this case study to know how a well-known MNC from Sweden leverage iMocha to map its right resource to the right job

A Swedish multinational, one of the leading providers of Information and Communication Technology company required employees with various skill levels in Blue Prism technology (RPA software). They were struggling with mapping right resources for various projects.

iMocha helped the leading IT services company to create a competency meter for a niche skill like RPA.Read the success story here...