How can you make your workforce digital transformation ready?

How can you make your workforce digital transformation ready

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In the coming years, this very month onwards for that matter, we are going to see major different changes in the way companies operate and communicate. Internally as well as externally. Like we said earlier, Covid has already hastened and revolutionized many of the old processes.

The advent of Next-Gen technologies and their growing utilization in otherwise antiquated processes should be an eyeopener for many. Earlier, Artificial Intelligence was considered a costly and futuristic affair that only the biggest tech companies of the world could think of using. Even then AI was in its infancy so there was little understanding of the full extent of its applications.

Today, AI, ML, Blockchain are way past their infancy and becoming more mature, and affordable as more and more companies adopt them to improve their processes.

When it comes to DX, all of these new technologies are going to play a huge role in improving the industry’s capabilities and overall productivity + performance levels.

Now consider this: Is your workforce digital transformation ready?

That is, do they possess the skills that are essential to leveraging these new technologies? Do they have the capability to learn these skills?

Once the top management has a concrete strategy in place on how to initiate digital workforce transformation, the next logical step is to identify the technologies and processes that will need to be revamped. The company will then have to determine if the existing employees are capable of adapting to these changes.

If not, there are 2 ways of going about it for the company:

1. Hire experts on these next-gen skills

2. Upskill or reskill their current employees

“2020 will still see the rapid scaling of digital initiatives across industries,” says Steve Hall, partner and president of global technology research and advisory firm ISG.

How iMocha can help you in DT

How iMocha can help you in DT

iMocha is the world’s largest skills assessment API platform that is on a mission to help enterprises hire job-fit candidates as well as get their existing employees up to certain standards. With 1500+ skills that include IT skills, Next-Gen skills, Aptitude skills, Domain skills, Business skills and Coding languages, that are expected to go up to 5000+ skills in the next 3 years.

Our Mission is to enrich our existing repository by launching a new skill assessment every week, with Next-Gen skills being a large part of it.

iMocha’s skills library consists of 50+ Next-Gen skills assessments that are necessary for the upcoming job roles and responsibilities.

Each of these skills has many subsets. For example, Data Science alone encompasses the following skills that are required to hire Data Analysts, Data Scientists, AI/ML experts and so on:

1. Math and Stats

2. Data Analysis

3. Data Wrangling

4. Data Extraction & Mining

5. Data Visualization

6. Deep Learning

To hire for these roles, you need to have in-depth assessments to identify the candidate’s and/or employee’s knowledge for each of these subsets. Based on their strengths and weaknesses, you can take data backed decisions on whether or not that person is relevant for your requirements.

Suitable for a varying degree of expertise and experience, iMocha assessments can be customized depending on whether you are hiring for entry level positions or at a senior level.

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