Discover your Workforce’s full potential with iMocha Skill Intelligence Platform

Why a Skill-First Approach a Must-Have, Not a Good-to-Have, for Enterprises?

  • Clear Visibility into your Talent’s Current Skills
  • Comprehensive Skill-gap Analysis
  • Get Real-time Intelligent Insights
  • Recruiting Job-fit Candidates
  • Redeploying People to Critical Projects

Over 100+ Enterprises have benefited from iMocha's Talent Analytics

Why iMocha?

Transform into a skills-first organization with
iMocha's actionable skills data.

Skills-first Approach

Build a robust talent pipeline, addressing skills shortages and democratise access to economic opportunities by focusing directly on skills rather than how they have been obtained.

World-class Taxonomy

AI-based granular Skills Taxonomy and Skills Ontology to build skill-based job architecture for your organization.

Multi-channel Validation

Validation through employee self-rating, manager’s rating, data from LMS/PMS in the flow of work, AI-inferred skills intelligence and skills assessment.

Largest Skills Assessment Library

Combine our comprehensive library for 2,500+ pre-built skills assessments and consulting for custom assessments.

AI-powered Technology

Our platform leverages cutting-edge AI technology to deliver accurate, reliable, and actionable insights into the skills and abilities of candidates and employees.

HCM Integration

Our platform seamlessly integrates with your existing HR systems (HCM), allowing you to manage all aspects of your talent management process in one place.

Intelligent Insights

Qualitative insights to enhance your employees’ career profile, and take better decisions for your customers and partners.


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