Recruiters, create an impact-driven hiring strategy for 2021

In this webinar, you’ll know about:
  • The impact of the crisis and how to recover (for both in-house and agency recruiters)
  • Creating impact-driven strategies on a tight budget
  • Hot-favorites for recruiters to source quality talent

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The pandemic changed the job market, the job needs, and the hiring needs. And not just that, what your employees expect from you changed as well!

With the almost-immediate shift to remote, recruiters working in both organizations and staffing companies faced a completely new set of challenges.

We speak to Carine Lacroix, Founder and CEO, Reneshone Consulting to understand the massive changes the function is undergoing and best practices for coping with the same.

What people have said about previous Webinars
Great experience. The webinar covered relevant topics and quick actionables.
Always great to get a new perspective to common challenges we face. Looking forward to the upcoming webinars.
So many tips and takeaways in just under an hour. And, loved the resources received after – especially the checklists and the remote hiring guide!