Demystifying Workforce Transformation in the Middle East with a Skills-First Approach

7:30 PM (GST) & 9:00 PM (IST)  |  February 21
Join iMocha for an insightful webinar which unravels the intricacies of workforce transformation in the Middle East via a Skills-First approach.
In this Webinar, you will get insights on:
  • Future-Proofing your workforce
  • Building a Skills-First Architecture
  • Unlocking the Power of Skills Intelligence
  • Case Studies and Success Stories
Meet the panel
Steven Hunt
Steven T. Hunt
Chief Expert, Work & Technology
SAP Executive Advisory Office
SallyAnn Della Casa
Kitty Singh
Global Market Driver on Skills
Vishwanadh Raju
Vishwanadh Raju
Head Talent Acquisition Operations
SallyAnn Della Casa
Sallyann Della Casa
CEO & Chief Identity Hacker
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Harness the Power of a Skills-First Approach to Elevate Your Team

Rapid technological advancements and fast-evolving business landscapes have made it essential to adopt a Skills-First approach for redefining the future of work and leading the way in workforce transformation.
The webinar aims to demystify the process, breaking down how to implement skills first approach, by leveraging skills intelligence strategically, with particular emphasis on workforce development and talent management.

What awaits you?

Get ready for an exciting session where you'll :
  • Discover the importance of a skill-first approach for a successful workforce transformation.
  • Identify future challenges and how to navigate them.
  • Understand the digital transformation impact and how enterprises can adapt and thrive in it.
  • Hear firsthand from industry leaders who have successfullyembarked on their skills-first journey.
  • Sharing real-world experiences and outcomes seen so far.
  • Discover the uses of skill analytics for making data-driven workforce decisions, like targeted training and optimal talent development initiatives.
  • Discussing how technologies can be key to a data driven and skillfirst workforce transformation strategy.
  • Learn to build skill-first architecture for your organization.
  • Understand why skill taxonomies and ontologies matter and how to create them.
  • Explore the steps for mapping and validating your workforce's skills.
  • Develop deep skills in your organization to create power users.
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