Hire the best technical talent.

Build top-class teams.

Hire the best technical talent.
  • Hire only the cream talent
    Hire only the cream talent

    Filter out irrelevant candidates in the initial phases itself with our quality assessments. Customize the assessment difficulty levels to identify the top-notch talents.

  • Assess coders effectively
    Assess coders effectively

    Evaluate coders accurately without the hassles of an elaborate assessment. iMocha has innovations like coding simulators and artificial intelligence backed LogicBox, which outline programmer's logic and coding skills.

  • Extensive pre-built tech skills library
    Extensive pre-built tech skills library

    Access our comprehensive tech skills library comprising of Programming, Development, Data Science, Machine Learning, Administration, IT Project Management, Aptitude tests and more.

  • Data-driven hiring decisions
    Data-driven hiring decisions

    Find the best tech talents among a heap of resumes with iMocha’s intuitive and powerful assessment reports. Detailed analysis of test results helps you make better decisions and predict candidate success.

“iMocha has helped us quantify skills effectively. Our hiring decisions are now based on concrete data points that help select the best-suited candidates.”

Christine Bonamarte, Global HR Director, NICE Actimize
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