How to keep yourself relevant in this digital transformation era

digital transformation era

The advent of Next-Gen technologies is going to forever change the landscape of the job market. What was highly in demand just 10 years ago, will no longer be relevant. Making experts in these technologies obsolete.

AI Will Create Millions More Jobs Than It Will Destroy. Source: SingularityHub

This holds true for most of the upcoming new technologies. They may most certainly replace many of the old jobs. For those who are open to embarking upon a different, exciting and certainly fast-paced journey, the opportunities are endless.

Candidates need to be open to a vastly different professional journey than they initially planned to. The important thing to understand is this changing technological landscape is not your adversary but a companion that will help you increase your worth manifold.

So how do you get started on this journey?

The very first step is to understand which of these booming technologies is most closely related to your existing skill sets. That will make it easier for you to make a decision. Next take a personal skills assessment for the required digital transformation skills, be it technical or non-technical. Based on the assessment reports, identify your areas for improvement.

Now you know where you stand in your career and identify opportunities for growth on the same lines.

According to a recent LinkedIn, here is a list of emerging job roles in the US.

Take a practice test for skills that you desire, from iMocha’s comprehensive skills library that covers:

  • 500+ IT skills
  • 50+ Next-Gen skills
  • 20+ Coding languages
  • 50+ Aptitude skills
  • 20+ Business skills
  • 20+ Domain skills

Once you take the practice test, you will receive a copy of the report in your inbox.

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